(NOTE: The following is out of date! Ammo now spawns around the map randomly in packs of 5, 6, or 7)

Ammo points are placed around the map and enable players to get more ammo for their weapons. They can only be used 3 times before they run out of stock and cannot be used.

To get ammo from the ammo points, Press E on the box and you should have full ammo again.


There are 11 Ammo points in the Asylum building:

Ground Floor

Ammo Point: North Stairs

Ammo Point: Central Stairwell
Ammo Point: CCTV Room Ammo Point: Western Corridor.

Middle Floor

Ammo Point: Central Stairway Ammo Point: North Stairs
Ammo Point: East Corridor Ammo Point: Upper Stairs (East Corridor)

4 on the middle floor.

3 on the top floor.

Woodland Map:

Map is currently in development and has not been released.