Welcome to Deceit.

Deceit is a first-person shooter based on deception and cooperation between players.

Deceit tests your instincts at trust and deception in a multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in an asylum, forest, or research center to the sound of an unfamiliar voice, surrounded by five others. A third of your group have been infected with a virus, but do you trust? Can you even trust yourself?



An Abandoned Asylum home to two not-so-normal folks. But who are they?


A normal camping trip turned wrong when two campers get "infected"


Researchers near the north pole discover something much bigger than them.




Alex is a blond or blue haired white male.


Chang is an Asian male who can either have a shaved head or a blond mohawk.


Lisa is a black female with an afro.


Rachel is a blond white female.


Hans is an older white male with grey hair.


Nina is a white female with dyed purple/pink hair.

The Terror

The Terrors can be either a red, flesh-like color; a green color; a pale color; or a darker black color. There are also yeti Terrors, and werewolf Terrors.


A Terror


(note, this is available only as me, a player, can unlock certain "diaries" in-game.)

Jacqueline Strine

Page 1, Sep. 22nd, 1911

Though the journey through London has worn me through my bones I still felt a thrill of excitement sweep over me as we approached Alexandra Asylums gates. Matron Joan was right, it's an imposing gloomy affair but amongst the rugged landscape of Skye it's a minor blight that I can tolerate. The Matron also bent my ear with other rumors that supposedly escape this place. But I won't pay any heed to her, she always was one to rabbit.

Upon arrival, my new superior, Doctor Freed wasted no time of informing me of my duties and showed me around the first and second floors, but prohibited me from ever venturing to the third floor where the maximum security department lies. He needn't have worried, nothing could have kept me more disinclined to venture there.

Page 2, Sep. 22nd, 1911

I'm just thankful that the security here is so robust. Really there's no escaping Alexandra. Even if a prisoner did escape, there's nowhere for them to go but to their maker. It's just barren mountainscape and forests as far as the eye can see.

Joan was particularly clear about the rumors regarding the third floor, according to her, that's where they do the experiments.

Dr Freed has put me in charge of two young children who have been put under the care of the Asylum after suffering a series of disturbances in their family life. The lad's name was Thomas and the younger, Cassie, a little girl.

I've been granted two days to settle in and then I shall be shadowing another Ward nurse on her duties.

Page 3, Sep. 29th, 1911

The doctor introduced me to my charges today, Thomas and Cassie.

At first the two would not acknowledge my presence and it took the doctor ordering the two to come and present themselves for Cassie to scurry over.

Thomas continued to play with the blocks but engaged the doctor with a stare I have only seen in photos of the disturbed at training college.

Cassie refused to make eye contact but stood shivering before us, probably scared of the Doctor's heavy handed commands.

I introduced myself at her eye-level and she relaxed slightly, when I asked her what her dolly's name was she even ventured a few whispered syllables but before I could get anything more out of her Thomas hissed, "Don't talk to them!" and she clenched like a fist.

Charlie Halvish

Page 1, Apr. 22nd, 1942

I don't know what's worse, the shelling or that woman's incessant voice echoing up the corridors. Even on 1st floor. I can hear her down there, Ordering them all about. The usual rounds today, mucking out the cells into the deal too. These buggers are treated like animals, so they act like it, So we treat them like it. Round and round. His royal highness did grace us with his presence from upon high as a break from the toil, Showing off his new apprentice round the facilities. I saw the fresh young bastard, shock of red hair, two-faced as a flipping coin just like the lord of the manor. Didn't so much as make eye-contact with any of us. This place'll show him a bit of the darker side of life. Smother the city out of him. Even Dredger was, of course, front and centre with them like a gorilla in a uniform. It almost made me burst out laughing seeing the way the Director distains of that caveman. Can't he see the way Old Neev winces whenever he opens his mouth. I spect not. Seeing how he thinks he's top dog.

Page 2, Apr. 26nd, 1942

Bombs dropping all day today, it's like the sirens are still wailing in my ears now. Must be going permanently deaf. None very close to the Asylum, but you never know do you? It only takes one and them pilots up there must be able to see a building this big. We keep them lights off though at night. Daren't put even a candle on. or it's your life.

I was sent down stairs today by the Dredger to face the Iron Maiden. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place Matron Strine, what a swine, looks like a pig n' all. I hear told that she was a fetching number back in the day. Clearly times have been hard. She's got all the appeal of a pick-axe today. Personality to match. She had me shepherding around the Kids today. Sure there were more of them when they arrived. From London, the lot of them. They probably would have had less bombing round the West End than up here. Poor blighters. Couple that with Matron shouting them round like a barking bulldog. I'd be bloody shell shocked too. One of them dawdled just a little too long and she walloped the bugger round the back of the legs so

Page 3, Apr. 26nd, 1942 cont.

Hard he went over on his arse. Had to help him back up.

It was with a lot of joy then that I saw her take a funny turn today. While we were doing gas mask drills with the evacuees the Director came down with the new boy. Well the Matron caught sight of them both at the back of the rec room and damn near fell over. I followed her gaze to the pair oh ghouls, that ginger youngster, Mr Vale raised his eyebrows at her with an icy grin that turned me cold. Even Old Nev was smirking from behind him. She dropped her mask and legged it out of the room. Me and the kids just creased up at that. Oh we had a good old laugh at that. I hear told she and Old Vic had a thing once. I hear he had a LOT of things. Once. Ha! What a shame!

Director Vale

Page 1, Jul. 4th, 1955

A good day for independence, I m sure you d agree. The father of modern Cimero-biological-warfare. Neville Lagorun passed away in the wee-small hours of this morning following massive trauma to a number of his organs.

His example shall act as a pointing finger indication the future as it gives birth to the brightest star in the arms industry, Lagorun-Vale Ltd. Truly hes shall be missed. We stand at the grave of a giant. Such a pity.

Neville indicated in no uncertain terms that I was the only one suitable to carry on his work and it s with great pride that I accept that torch and hold it aloft to guide the world forward. His hands shook as he signed the paperwork.

We can look forward to a safer more well protected society in the future, free from the tyranny of all who seek to stymie our freedoms. Lagorun-Vale will go down in history as the champions of those freedoms. I see a statue of Neville and myself standing shoulder to shoulder handing fire back to Western Civilization.

Jacob Clay

Moss Wind

Rosemary & Linda

Major Lancer

Hillary Jennings

Junior Technician Innis


Is always infected, as indicated by a randomer child.

Steam Achievements


Personally kill all the Innocent as an Infected during a game.

Night Breed

Spend a total of 1 hour in the dark.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Complete a total of 50 objectives.

Double Trouble

Execute two Innocent members as an Infected during one dark period.


Get the most XP in a game.



The LVP Achievem-ent icon.

Get the least XP in a game.


Escape the asylum with all other Innocents in a game.


Customise a character.


Capture 50 objectives that you didn't activate.

Escape Artist

Escape the asylum a total of 25 times.

We The Best

Level up and prestige for the first time.

Sit Down

Down a total of 1,000 players.


Kill 10 Infected players as an Innocent.

Stay Down

Kill a total of 100 players.

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