Format wanted: Image of objective | Name | Effect (from ingame) | Which floors

Eventually: "Strategies" for each objective

Objective Effect Floors found on
Armour 100 Armour (people cannot shoot you down as easily) All
Antidote Revive a player who is bleeding out within 15 seconds to bring them back to life All
Camera Stun a terror for a brief time when they are transformed All
Blood Bag Terror: Generate 2 segments of energy. All
Inspection Kit Tells the player who used it whether their target is innocent or infected 2 and 3
Tracker Place a tracker on a player to see their location (and form) for a few minutes (even through walls) All
Shotgun Shoot players with a stronger gun to force them down a lot faster than with a pistol All
Lethal Injection Kill a player. They can only be revived by an antidote. Note: If an innocent kills an innocent, they lose 200 points. 2 and 3
Trap Traps are set on the floor. Set traps will emit a bright flash of light when a Terror walks nearby and stuns them immediately. All
Health Pack Continually and fully heals the user to full health after a period of time if not interrupted by any damage.  All